Baking Cookies?!?

My oh My, I must be the worst Blogger in the world. I really need to share more with you guys (well, girls actually). BUT I've got very acceptable excuses:
1) I just don't have that much to tell because my life is pretty boring  :)
2) And when things do happen in my life, I'm not sure if you really want to hear about it
3) I'm also a creative messy head: 
I put so much things in my head that I can do or make and that means COMPLETE CHAOS!!
How many necklaces I have that are just half completed!!
So now, I got myself busy for a couple of weeks with baking cookies.
Not real cookies, but bracelets and earring cookies!! :)
And because I'm such a perfectionist on that area it took me a while before completing!
But now I can show you with pride my newest designs (with some help from the Cookie factory LU) :)

It all starts with this...
..after a while you will get the right colours..

..then create a design...

..bake it in the oven on 110°C for 30 minutes..

.. and Tadaaaa: Cookie bracelet and Cookie earrings!!!

Show me your creations!!

Bisous, Shari

2 opmerkingen:

  1. moet je de slotjes al in het ''koekje'' doen als ze wilt bakken

  2. Nee, je maakt een gaatje doorheen het volledige koekje met een kettelstiftje of tandenstoker en dan bak je het koekje. Nadien kan je het slotje er aan bevestigen.
    Veel plezier! ;)